Which Vape Flavors Do You Want?

Keep it 100 Vape Flavors

We have a lot of vape flavors on our website, so how can you choose, they are all so great. In this article, I will go into describing each flavor for taste, and satisfaction.

Blue Slushie

This is one of our all-time best sellers and for a great reason. It has a great flavor that anyone can enjoy.

It is more of a Blue Raspberry with a hint of strawberry in there. If you have ever gone to seven eleven and got the Blue raspberry there, that is the kind of smell that you are going to get. For s 70, 30 blends it is going to produce some pretty good vape clouds and came out very smooth.

Once you finally taste it you can really taste the sugary raspberry 7/ll flavor in there. You do also get the strawberry on the to exhale which is extremely satisfying. However this flavor is a little on the sweet side, and you might want to look at other option if you aren’t really into sweet vape flavors.

But all in all, if you are looking for a sweet blue slushie flavor, you can’t go wrong with Blue Slushie Keep It 100

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Peachy Punch

If you have been in the market for a good peach vape flavors for a long time and have been coming up empty handed? Look no further. A quick summary being, a delectable summer blend of juicy peaches, ripe apples, some sweet mangoes and a little bit of pear. A great summertime vape flavor.

The smell of the flavor, of course, smells fantastic. You aren’t going to get the artificial peach candy smell, rather a legit fresh peach right from a tree. It’s a little hard to pick up on but you will eventually smell the apples, mangoes, and pears.

The moment you inhale right off the bat you will get the taste of an actual peach. None of that candy peach either like an actual peach. On the inhale and on the exhale you will pick up on the rest of the flavors, which is the cherry on top of the whole thing.

Overall this gets my seal of approval and if you are looking for a good peach flavor and none of the candy peach I can recommend you Peachy Punch.

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Mallow Man

This vape is for all you cookie lovers out there. If you are in the mood for a nice sugar cookie, and with some marshmallow, Then this a flavor for you.

As you can probably guess the smell is great. The profile says that it is a freshly baked sugar cookie topped with a gooey marshmallow, Come on, how can your mouth not me watering. If you are into bakery flavors then this might be the flavor to pick up

The flavor you get from this is on a whole other level of good. On the inhale you really catch the cookie and on the exhale the marshmallow begins to kick in. And a combination of those two vape flavors is astronomical. And it isn’t like that marshmallow that you take out from the bag and eat right away. It is like a marshmallow that has been carefully roasted and perfectly gooified. And once you are down with it, it leaves a satisfying vanilla taste in your throat which feels amazing.

So all in all this is a great flavor for any dessert lovers and if you want to pick it up you can click right here.

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Kiberry Killa

Fresh Strawberries with Kiwis

The first thing that you will notice about the smell is the strawberry. So if you are big into strawberry’s you might already be looking for a link to this product. And once you get into the smell you will notice the kiwi and its freshness.

It is a nice smooth vape as it goes down your throat with no problems or anything. And it produces great clouds.

On the inhale you are going to taste the strawberry strong. And it isn’t like that candy strawberry that you see at other places, it tastes like a freshly picked strawberry. It was made with true care and purpose. You will also taste the kiwi more in the inhale and the most on the exhale which is just a fantastic way to wrap up this amazing flavor. So if you are big into strawberries and kiwis, this is a good flavor for you. Click here to purchase

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Krunchy Squares

To finish off the list with a personal best on this website is Krunchy Squares

Whatever they were aiming for with this flavor they have hit their mark spot on it is that good. Off the smell, you will get hit with a wave of just delicious cinnamon and its smell isn’t to overpowering but just enough to lure you in to take a hit

When you first inhale all you will say is wow. It goes down smooth and tastes amazing while it does. You’ll taste an airy cinnamon flavor first off. And if you have ever had a nice warm fluffy churro that is what I can best describe the flavor as. And the name just says it all, Krunchy squares and it delivers. If you want to pick it up you can click the link here.

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And that about wraps up our list on some of our top products here a lookhigher.net if you picked up one of these vape flavors and enjoyed it please leave a review up and let people know just how better your flavor is then all the rest.

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