Vape Mods And Why They Are So Great

Why Vape Mods?

Although we don’t sell vape mods at this current moment, they are a great tool to invest in. They are all pro and no cons. They can make bigger clouds, get more flavor, and make a vape smoother as it goes down. We have made a list of some of the vape mods that you should get into to better your vaping experience.

vape mods

#1 Aduken Owl Subohm Tank

To start there are so many different coil options. You don’t just have to use the owl mesh coils. If you go to your vape shop and they don’t have any, you can still use any coil.

Next is it’s aesthetic. Its really comes down to personal preference. Me I like the bullet shape that it gives off and makes you feel badass vaping through a bullet.

The third is its flavor. You can really get the flavor out of it and makes it taste fantastic. You can go through so many different juices and still will get all the flavor that you need

Finally is its vape production. It is constant and always pumping out good hits with no dry hits what so ever and can chain very easily.

So that about wraps out this mod, you can get any color you want and really customize the way you want it and get the design and feel that you want.

#2 The Amp-x Sub Ohm Tank

This tank is probably the best in the business, it comes with a pre-installed bubble glass and two mesh coils.

It comes with a decent amount of colors, some to name being silver black and rainbow.

The tank offers plenty of air flow and is wicked perfectly, the flavor is good and there is no dry hits.

The only con is the turbulence but if you only go half way on the air flow you will not even notice it. There is no leaking and has an easy to fill button on the top which helps out a lot

Overall a great tank that I would recommend to any new or old to vaping.

#3 Ample Mace RDA

Possibly my favorite RDA out there and with some good reason.

The screws that come with this is enormous no striping and the threading is buttery smooth. It has just been overall fantastic and preforms flawlessly

It comes with colors, silver, black and gold.

O rings are good and the barrel comes off easily but at the same time it is stiff and stays on.

The Mace flavor wise I have to say is right up there with other RDAs like the Drop or the Dead Rabbit. That is how good this thing is.

It gets perfect air flow a quiet RDA with no whistling

Quite possibly the best RDA that you can get your hands on

That is going to wrap up this quick list of some vape mods that I would recommend and use in my personal life. If you want to also know some flavor that we sell you can read the most recent article of just click here.

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