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Top Five Best Vape Tricks

Vape tricks, If you are new to vaping but want to start learning vape tricks now, may I recommend reading this article on how to get started with vaping. Once you have started your vaping career, it could sometimes get boring just sucking in clouds and blowing them out. So if you are trying to spice things up with your vaping, or just maybe want to impress some of your friends. We have composed a list of some of the coolest looking and easiest vape tricks to do.

#1 The Jelly Fish

A cool looking vape tricks, It’s basically when you push a big O out and you fill it up with vape and those are the two major steps that you guys are going to need to learn. So I’ll go over those in depth but to wrap up what a jellyfish is it’s when you do an oh a strong Oh it doesn’t have to be thick just as strong fast moving. Oh and you fill it up with vapor and then once it floats through the air you get to see the trail it leaves off. 

I’ll be explaining how to do that now. So in doing this trick the main thing you’re going to want to learn how to do is to push and oh. So when you get an Oh you want to push it from your mouth either with one hand or two hands it doesn’t really matter whatever your personal preferences but pushing Ohs is definitely a key component to doing this trick.

Once you can push Ohs and you have enough force behind them to make them travel fast and have a dense outside then you’ll be able to fill the jelly and make it perfect. So the best way to put force behind it. Oh and push it all out really hard as you’re going to want to cough pretty hard but controlled you’re not going to want to like out of control cough because I don’t mess the O up you’re going to want to have a controlled hard cough and you’re going to want to push the oh right when it comes out your mouth so right when you see it form. You’re going to want to push it immediately. That’ll give it speed and force. So once you just pushed your oh out and you gave it speed and force by coughing hard but controlled and pushing it hard but controlled. you’re going to want to basically. wait a couple of seconds before the oh I give this give the oh a little bit of time to form because when it forms it actually gets stronger as it goes through the air for a couple of seconds.

#2 The O’s

The first step what you need to do in this simple vape tricks is create an Oh with your mouth. Yes it does sound simple but there are several different ways that I’ve seen people do it in several different ways and I’ve done it myself. But the way that I notice is the most effective is like this.

And I only say that because your lips are covering your teeth and you don’t want your teeth to be in the way because in your OHS you’re just gonna break constantly over and over again and you do not want that.

And obviously the bigger circle you make the bigger all you’re Oh gonna get bigger and the smaller your mouth is the smaller your oh is going to be

Second step what you’re going to need to do is know the cough method if you don’t know what the cough method is. I’m going to tell you the cough method is just short coughs. Which will kind of sound like the noise your dog makes when he begs.

All righty now combined both of those together you’re gonna have the circle with your mouth and you’re gonna be doing the coffee method at the same time. If you mess up one of these or you do one wrong it’s not gonna work and you’re going to have broken Oh’s all over the place and you’re gonna wonder why you’re just blowing out smoke. That’s not what you want to be doing. So make sure you got both of them down. And you also have to really get the cough method down if you don’t get the cough method down or you’re going to be doing is blowing out smoke. OK. Have control over how much airflow you push out because if you push out too much air you’re going to break your oh if you don’t push out enough air you’re Oh going to be disease and then existing and that’s not what you want. You want to have a nice Oh so you need to have control over your breath.

vape tricks

#3 Ghost Inhale

So there are three main steps to doing the Ghost vape tricks which I think are the most important. And I would say it’s the release of the ghost. How fast do you let the ghost out, and the inhale of the Ghost. The first key step to doing this trick is you want to release the vape from your mouth in a ball formation. You don’t want to exhale a cloud out of your mouth. So the first thing you want to do with the release is you want to make a type O face with your mouth.

Now that you guys have your mouth and a type of formation you’re gonna want to release that goes out. So the best way to do this, in my opinion, is to push with your tongue and release your own formation at the same time. Also depending on how hard you push the ghost out with your tongue the closer or further away it’s going to be from your face.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is depending on how hard you release the vape out with your tongue will definitely affect the density of the ghost. So if you flick your tongue hard the vapor come out a lot thinner. So now that we’ve covered the release and how fast to let the ghost out it’s time to go over the inhale the way you inhale the ghost will also affect how the ghost looks. Because depending on how you shape your mouth you either inhale your ghost a lot faster or a lot slower. I also like to keep my face pretty small when I’m inhaling the ghost because it will make the ghost very dense and easy to see. 

#4 The Dragon

Next on the list of Vape tricks is numero cuatro. The dragon.

You know how the smoke comes out the nose. Well, that’s pretty simple. But I’d like to add something to that too so you can do the smoke just coming out the nose, and you can also have smoke coming out of your mouth.

Now in order to accomplish the move, all you need to do is get your top lip and tuck it into your bottom lip. 

So that’s really it. That’s really the gist of it. And one thing I really don’t like. About that is that since it is water vapor. It does make your nose a little bit wet and runny after the trick is performed.

#5 The French Inhale

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys already know how to do this vape tricks.

But at one point in time I didn’t know how to do it and when I was watching Joe Schmo do it all think that’s OK. So I’m going to teach you guys how to french inhale. What you need to know how to do is to know how to breathe. You’re going to do with that is you’re just going to inhale the smoke and you’re gonna have the smoke still in your mouth. And as it slowly seeps out you. Just breath out.

Now when you’re doing the french inhale you can’t exactly inhale a lot of smoke. Because if I were to inhale the giant clouds I would put an out I’d probably die.

So when you doing that just inhale a little bit of smoke just you know what I mean.

Don’t blow out a giant cloud of smoke. Don’t do that. You’re going to cough. You’re going to choke just and that is not fun for anybody.

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