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Super Healthy Vape Juice’s And Flavors

Healthy Vaping

Some vape products contain a lot more nicotine than others. And that is no good. You want a more healthy vape juice to be able to vape with no harm to your body. We have made a list of some healthy vape juice that you can use so that you can get the most out of your vaping career.

Healthy Vape Juice #1

Starting off our list for some vape juices that are better for you than others is going to be Peachy Punch. This vape offers low nicotine in exchange for some great taste and good clouds. When you taste Peachy Punch you will get the peach flavor almost instantly. You will also taste other tropical fruits such as apples and pears. This vape is well rounded great and is a great choice for old and newcomers to vaping.

Healthy Vape Juice #2

Next, I would have to say is Pink Burst, this offers the same amount of nicotine as Peachy Punch which isn’t a lot and is a life saver. This flavor gives you a nice candy strawberry. Almost like a pink starburst, which in my opinion is to die for. For being in the type of category it is in, it doesn’t produce the milkiest cloud but pretty solid clouds. It doesn’t mess up your coils and you can in my opinion vape it for hours.

Healthy Vape Juice #3

This one is almost the exact same as Pink Burst but it adds a little more satisfying for my tastes. It is called Strawberry Milk, and it offers some amazing flavors in terms of the strawberry and milk combination. It gives off that great Nesquik strawberry milk and it is amazing. It isn’t too overpowering rather it is a great combination of both giving you the satisfaction with every hit that you take. It doesn’t give off a load of nicotine going the more flavorful route and not trying to get you super addicted to nicotine. Overall I give this flavor a B plus or maybe even an A-minus just on the flavor and the satisfaction of chaining this vape is just fantastic.


The most important thing to us is that you are safe and satisfied with your products, we offer low nicotine in exchange for great flavor and overall amazing products.

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