cheap vape juice

Spectacular Cheap Vape Juice

Other vape companies will charge you some big bucks for some half decent vape flavors that you can go through in just a couple of weeks. We have made a list of some of our own very cheap vape juice products that are super high quality and compared them to some of those other “Fantastic” bottles out there.

Cheap Vape Juice

cheap vape juice

#1 Peachy Punch

To start off our list of cheap vape juice is going to be Peachy Punch. This is a great flavor and it is the fan favorite brand and for good reason. To start off it produces some pretty B+ clouds and for the type of e-juice that it is, it produces the perfect amount of cloud. Now, the best part is by far the flavor.

The first flavor that you will notice is obviously the peach. But then once you get to taste it, you will pick up on some apple, pears, and kiwi. The smell is also fantastic and is just completely breathtaking. Now compared to other flavors. This one tastes like a fresh basket of fruits and not artificial at all.

Other peach flavors will taste more like a candy peach, now how many candy peaches have you come across in your search for a great peach flavor, because there are a lot of flavors like that out there. Now Peachy Punch offers a great fresh tropical flavor that cannot be matched by any other peach flavors.

#2 Kiberry Killa

Absolutely get that fresh strawberry. It’s not so much the candied strawberry like a lot of those fruity flavors have the taste like the candy. I’m not getting that.

I pretty much do get a like a fresh strawberry fruit. Followed up with the undertones of the Kiwi no creaminess throughout any of this. It’s not like a strawberry with creamy undertones a Kiwi it is straight up a strawberry and Kiwi just it’s a straight-up fruit flavor.

Guys I absolutely pick up on a strawberry on the how very prominent not too overpowering. I think it’s just a perfect the mountain on the exhale that Kiwi just ties together beautifully with that strawberry.


They both complement each other very well. It tastes really really good guys. I’m still gonna say that the peach punch has the edge by a little bit. Now again if you’re not into the peach flavors the peach punch may not be the one for you might want to go with Kiberry Killa.

But for my liking, I’m still going to say that I put the peach punch slightly above the Kiberry but they’re neck and neck and that’s always subjected to change. I just love the peach punch all the different fruit combinations that were involved with that liquid and how perfectly they all blended together in my opinion. But this one is fantastic guys. I really enjoy it.

#3 Krunchy Squares

It’s a nice light cinnamon almost like a like an airy cinnamon flavor. Kind of like if you ever had to Cinnamon Toast Krunch. Not like a hot cinnamon sugar but if you add the cinnamon toast they’re kind of like that airy fluffy light flavor texture to them that reminds me of that and just eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of the box.

No milk nothing like that. It’s pretty much right to the point it says crunchy cinnamon squares. That’s exactly what I’m getting from it and it’s just perfect doesn’t have that overpowering cinnamon flavor to it. It’s just a really nice light cinnamon flavor.

It’s such a nice subtle exhale too. I was worried about getting sick, thinking that it may be too harsh on a throw with that sentiment to it. But I’m so happy it’s just perfect. It’s just has a wonderful smell to it and just beautiful takes.

Like when I’m highly recommended this one right now. Now I know a lot of cinnamon flavors out there do tend to rip through your coils and eat the cotton up and eat them coils up.

This one is super nice on them and even after some months on use, you won’t have any problems with it, which is the best thing to get from this juice. Definitely a cheap vape juice with some high quality that you can get on the market.

#4 Strawberry Milk

If you guys are in a strawberry milk flavors you definitely wanna hear this. I mean it’s killer. I mean this one is fantastic. So all the intel I’m picking up straight up strawberry milk. Nice smooth subtle strawberry milk flavor it’s not overpowering with the sweetener and it’s a lighter juice.

I don’t think they use too much sweetener in this e-liquid it hasn’t been bad on my coils at all. It’s like a nes quick strawberry milk a little on the lighter side. Here’s where it gets really good. I kind of pick up on some Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars.

They got to like chocolate declared strawberry shortcake they make all kinds of ice cream but the exhale absolutely 100 percent that is when I pick up on a nice strawberry shortcake ice cream bar flavor on the exhale it’s absolutely spot on. Those guys hit a homerun with this I mean straight up homerun. 

#5 Blue Slushie

Last on the list for some cheap vape juice. This is, in simple terms, a fresh blue raspberry. If they were to be blended up it’s more or less like a sugary 7-Eleven blue Raz Slurpee.

That’s exactly what I get from it. I do pick up a tiny hint of strawberry on the exhale but I will say that a lot of you may not pick up on a strawberry. It is very light on a strawberry flavor but I definitely pick up on a hint of strawberry on that exhale it definitely combines a little bit with that blue raz.

Sweet Side

If you’re not really into the sweet flavors you may not enjoy this one. It is a little on the sweet side. I will definitely say that but I’m ok with that now isn’t an all day vape. I may get a little tired out after a while but as of right now I can deftly they’ve been all day to me it’s a fantastic flavor.

And considering that I love blue raz flavors I mean you take that for what it is. But in my opinion it is very good. So it basically guys I mean if you’re looking for a sweet blue raz flavor and I think this makes for a really good summertime vape as well.

But if you’re OK with those like sugary blue raspberry flavors if you like bluegrass slushy I think you’re going to enjoy this one now. Like I said this strawberry is very minimal. If you’re not really into the sweet flavors it may not be the one for you but I still suggest that you give it a try. I definitely think it’s a good one.

Cheap Vape Juice

This all being said, we hear at lookhigher are always on the customers side. Giving you the best offer with some great quality, a cheap vape juice. You will not find any better e-juice out there that is better than ours.

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