How To Blow The Biggest Vape Cloud

Who Blew the Biggest Vape Cloud?

We can’t say for sure on who or what the biggest vape cloud in history is, but we can give a ton of example of what some of them may look like. And the extreme lengths that people will go to get a huge cloud.

This guy almost manages to fill his entire back yard with some dense smoke!

Vape wizards are consistently on a quest to blow clouds that are fat, dense, awe-inspiring, and larger than life. Cloud chasers are known for having a wicked competitive streak, which means that vape enthusiasts all across the globe are on a mission to learn how they can create huge vape clouds that will intimidate fellow cloud chasers, impress their friends, and leave them with dense, out of this world clouds that are bigger and better than ever before.

biggest vape cloud

Whether you are a competition vaper looking to get your feet wet in the world of cloud chasing contests, or you simply adore your trusty box mod and would like to pick up some tips that will help you learn to blow fat clouds that will seriously wow a crowd, you’ve come to the right place!

Anybody who decides they’d like to become a chaser is going to need the following things:

First of all, you should search for an e-liquid that has a relatively low amount of nicotine.

Chasing clouds is hard work, and involves taking in much more vapor than you would if you were vaping solely for sensation and flavor. Because of this factor, you will end up taking in much more vapor than you would typically.

Too much nicotine in a short amount of time has the potential to make you sick if you aren’t accustomed to it, so stick to an e-juice with an amount of nicotine that is on the lower end of your personal spectrum. For instance, if you normally use e-juice that is between 3 to 6 mg, pick a juice with 3mg of nicotine in it.

The next thing you should look for in an e-juice is one that is heavier in VG than PG. PG stands for propylene glycol, and VG stands for vegetable glycerin. An e-liquid that is high in PG will provide you with an intense sensory experience, but won’t give you much vapor. However, using an e-juice that is high in VG will ensure that your vapor is as dense as possible.

If you want to recreationally blow huge vapor, vape with an e-liquid that contains both VG and PG so that you can get the best of both worlds: a bit of sensation and a lot of vapor.

If you’d like to vape competitively, however, you may want to consider investing in an e-juice that is one hundred percent VG so you can have a leg up on your competition from the get-go.

Now you should just do things just for the win. It is also good to have a good time while you are doing something you love. And why not get a good flavor for some warm-up vaping. I would personally recommend our very own Krunchy Squares Vape Juice. Its got the french toast cereal you love, drenched in milk, with a touch of cinnamon, perfect for just some casual vaping.

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