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Find The Good Vape Juice Flavors For Newbies!

When it comes to vaping you would want the good vape juice flavors for your taste buds. But finding your favorite flavor could be hard and really expensive. So we composed the different type of vapes that might interest you!

First one on the list for good vape juice flavors is going to have to be Country Cloud’s banana bread pudding. And this is a fantastic juice. So yes bananas are one of those things for me where it can be a little tough because I don’t like the run to kind of banana. But Country Club it’s just such a smooth ripe banana in the bread pudding. It’s very good, there’s a lot of vanilla. You definitely get that kind of like that whole bread pudding thing like it’s it’s rich heavy and dense. Really great flavor. This one is definitely sweet and very sweet but not over the top where I have to put it down after you know vaping it for a little bit.

I can get through multiple days before I’ve got to switch this one out and I always end up coming back to it because it’s delicious and I have that. in the dog RTA with the squid industries TAC 21. Fantastic setup. Yeah. Fantastic. Obviously. really great everything’s like Max V. These days are at least 70 30. I’m everything I do in these as a 3. I’m not covering any next salts today that’ll be a different video but yeah. Country clouds. Banana bread pudding. Everything blends really well solid in through the inhale and through the exhale just just a really nice blend of flavors. True to its description delicious flavor.

Next on the list for good vape juice flavors Mr. Connolly and I’m a huge fan of this juice. Now this is definitely something that’s like really super sweet. For those of you who don’t like ultra ultra super sweet. This one might be a little too much for you guys. but I love it. I don’t know if I necessarily even get like canola out of this but there’s just so many of the aspects that I love like it’s like vanilla e and just bakery cats. It’s kind of hard to describe.

There’s like a tiny bit of cinnamon. Really big fat clouds because it’s like Max V. It’s just awesome. This one’s definitely a little rougher on the coils because of how sweet it is. You get a little bit of cinnamon there’s like this kind of almost Kiwi. It does taste a little bit like vanilla cream center. But again just super solid flavor really sweet. Right up my alley with the bakery

Clocking in at number three on our list for good vape juice flavors we have strawberry jam monster now. I really do enjoy the blueberry jam monster as well which is kind of odd because I’m not big on blueberry in vaping. Oats only carries a weird taste to me but GM monster does it. Awesome jam monster if you haven’t had it is probably one of the most unique flavors as far as like you can really taste the butter and the toast. This is dead on Strawberry toast. It’s like vaping strawberry toast with a heavy emphasis on the strawberry. I have it loaded up in here again 70.

This is a 75 25 so heavier on the veggie. Strawberry deliciousness. I don’t know what to say about this one other than that it is fantastic that for some somehow they got that bread and butter taste. just deliciously mixed up with a whole helping of strawberry jelly. And it’s fantastic. This one is ultra sweet. Not over the top for me like I can vape this all day. This is as far. fruity as I go. I generally don’t do like any kind of fruits like fruit. Only this. I don’t know. It’s just I love, love, love it. I absolutely love it. If I have to give any of these juices cons I would probably have to say the jam monster and the mister cannonly in particular can definitely be tougher on your coils. I think there just must be sweetener or just whatever they’re using in their guns up pretty fast. But all three of these flavors are dynamite.

best vape juice flavors

Last but certainly not least for good vape juice flavors is our very own, Blue Slushie If you’re not really into the sweet flavors it may not be the one for you but I still suggest that you give it a try. I definitely think it’s a good one. What would I compare this to. Let’s go out and say I’ll compare it to the W Ra’s hard candy that I did a review on. What do I prefer more. It’s pretty much it would depend again it’s subjective. That would depend on the mood that I’m in. If I’m looking for a blue raspberry slushy flavor obviously I would go towards this one if I was more or less looking for a blue raspberry candy like a blue raspberry Jolly Rancher I would go for the blue Ra’s hard candy both of whom I think are fantastic but I will say if you’re looking for one a little less on the sweet side I would go with the blue Ra’s hard candy over the blue-red slushy but that’s just my opinion once again that’s it, guys, why I would go out and buy this number one it’s a hundred million number two in my opinion it’s fantastic price number three it’s an authentic chubby girl a bottle and number four it’s a good blue raspberry flavor that I feel I could vape all day.

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