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Best Vape Deals You Can Find

Here at, we strive to give you the best vaping experience possible. So along with giving you some of the best flavors on the market. We are also giving you the best vape deals that you can find anywhere. Continue reading and learn what the best vape deals are and how you can take advantage of these low prices for such high-quality products.

Blue Slushie

First, we can talk about a fan-favorite product. Here at Lookhigher, we offer Blue Slushie at a cool price of $18.00. While other companies will want to charge you almost DOUBLE for the same product. Now don’t get me wrong, Blue Slushie is a great e-juice. Offering some great sweet blueberry raspberry flavor. So why would you want to pay more for such an amazing product? Exactly you don’t.

Peachy Punch

And here we go again. We have this amazing peachy tropical flavor. Giving you a nice fresh peach and not like a candy peach that you see all these other people making. Rather going for a great freshness which is to die for. We here at lookhigher will only ask for 18 dollars while other companies will charge you around 30 DOLLARS for this amazing flavor. We don’t think that this flavor should be hidden behind this money wall. So we offer a low price for some great flavor that is 1000% to die for.

Krunchy Squares

This is just a flat out amazing flavors. It gives you the awesome taste of a nice cinnamon breakfast and it really pays off. When this flavor first came out it was a huge success and everyone was loving it. Now that some more flavors have come out. There are some better flavors out there that I have to admit is better. But this flavor is still amazing and worth any price. But why pay such a high price. You want the best vape deal. We offer this product at $18 while other companies will try to take advantage of amazing flavors and want to see if they can get away with overpricing their juice. But don’t let them fool you and get the perfect juice for the perfect price.


Overall you don’t want to pay more than you have to for some great quality juice. So why settle for anything less and take our amazing vape deals.

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