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Best of the Keep It 100 Vape Products

Vape Products

The Keep it 100 vape products have some great products. All of them are great and offer fantastic and delicious flavors. But everyone has there personal preference but we also have some customer favorites that you can look at and maybe even purchase.

Blue Shushie

So these vape products it smells great, guys. It definitely smells on this. It definitely smells like a sweet one. I will say that I don’t pick up any strawberry, though. I pick up on mostly the blue raz more or less smells like to me like a blue-red slushy from like 7-Eleven. But it does smell fantastic.

So smell, I’ll give a B.

I don’t get that strawberry, so I’m not really gonna agree to any higher, but I will give it like solid, B on the smell.

So as a 70 30 blend, it’s absolutely putting out the vapor guys. Plenty of vapor from my liking. So for vapor production, I’m going to give a solid B, nice, dense milky clouds. It’s putting out the vapor flavor.

On the inhale, promptly picking up on that blue razs and it’s basically like a blue raspberry slushy. If they were to be blended up, it’s more or less like a sugary 7-Eleven blue Raz Slurpee. That’s exactly what I get from it. I do pick up a tiny hint of strawberry on the exhale, but I will say that a lot of you may not pick up on a strawberry. It is very light on a strawberry flavor, but I definitely pick up on a hint of strawberry on that exhale. It definitely combines a little bit with that blue raz. If you’re not really into the sweet flavors, you may not enjoy this one. It is a little on the sweet side. I will definitely say that, but I’m OK with that. Considering that it is a little on the sweet side and I may get a little tired out after a while, but as of right now I can definitely see myself vaping this all day.

Peachy Punch

Smells fantastic. This isn’t like all the other vape products. I’m not getting that artificial peach. I’m not getting that petering flake smell that you get from a lot of P.G. liquids. I don’t mind peach flavors, but they get to be too overwhelming after a while. Is that petering flavor that a lot of them put off just get to be too much? No gummy smell to this. I just smell a ripe peach mixed in with some apple, a little bit of mango. I’m getting like a tropical peach punch.

I’m really picking up on that peach, but I’m also picking up on some other fruits as well. 

All right. So on the inhale, you definitely pick up on that peach. It’s more or less like a fruit, like a fresh peach. I don’t really I definitely don’t get candy from it at all. Thank God I really did not want another candy peach flavor. I absolutely get like a fresh peach. I also pick up on some apple, without a doubt. I pick up on a little hints of Apple. I absolutely pick up on a little bit of mango on the exhale. And I also pick up on just a slight tiny bit of pear on the exhale as well. Let me see if I pick up on that pear just a little bit more. Yeah, I get a little bit a pair on the exhale. More or less so prominently in my opinion. I get Apple and I get I get peach. I do get mango. But more or less on the inhale and on the exhale prominently, I’m picking up on that mango and I’m sorry, I’m picking up an apple and I’m picking up on that peach flavor. And again, it’s a fresh peach, not the gummy candy petering flavor at all. No sour built to this at all like a lot of them peach flavors have.

It’s really good, guys. To me, this honestly tastes like a nice tropical like a minute made a peach blend, tropical juice, if you will. That’s exactly what it takes to make perfect summertime vape, in my opinion. I could absolutely vape this all day. I recommend it to you 100 percent. If you’re in the market for a good peach flavor, you’re not looking for a candy peach. You’re looking for something more or less with just a fresh peach flavor along with a couple of other tropical fruits added in there. It’s fantastic.

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