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Vape Facts

Instead of inhaling tobacco smoke from a cigarette, e-cigarette users inhale vapor from liquid “e-juice” that has been heated with a battery-powered coil. This is called vaping. The juice is flavored and usually contains nicotine and other chemicals.

  • Vaping has been practiced since 500 BC

  • “Vape” was the 2014 word of the year.

  • According to researchers from the University College of London, vaping could save the lives of 6,000 smokers per year.

  • As long as the E-cigarette battery is full, you can enjoy the device depending on the type and model.

More Facts

Many smokers have considered turning to electronic cigarettes, which are “vaped” rather than smoked, in order to quit. … There is, however, a strong scientific consensus that vaping is far better for health than smoking


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