Poverty is a very serious problem in the modern world today. With population numbers going nowhere but up in the coming years at an exponential rate, poverty as a problem has to be dealt with at the earliest. It's really appreciable that measures to fight this issue are being taken up by governments , agencies and so on, but there's still a long way to go. As civilians we all can take initiatives on our own level to improve the lives of the poor. If you have been blessed in this life -- it can be called upon you to give back. Although you are in no way obligated to share your wealth, if you feel called here are some ways to help those less fortunate than you.

1) Help a poor person: If you help even one poor individual, it's enough to make a big difference. The homeless person you found at the alley, or taking the subway, or another one who's depressed and so on. Go to the person, help him/her out with something. A few dollars for food, a blanket or warm clothes to protect from cold can do. Even medicines, because these people often can't afford a medical situation and that's why they're pushed to poverty. Finding them a some shelter can work wonders which you may never know. One of the best things here is that you can help poor people with skills and education , so they can find work and help themselves out of their state of being poor.

2)Make efforts to pave a way for legislative action: It's appreciated to get involved with the local or the country's government in some way. Also, paying attention to the laws and bills that are being passed that impact the poor and the impoverished people is important. Often better laws and bills come first from observing the people whom they affect when they will be passed.

3) Donate things: Things you don't use anymore could mean the world to someone who doesn't have them. Make it a point to donate something to poor people, be it in money or kind. Food, clothes, toiletries, old toys , books and so on, small items like these can make a huge impact on these people. You can donate to organizations that do charity for the poor as well. But yes, you might just want to be sure that the money actually goes to help the poor and is not used for something else. 

I've given you a few ideas for making a positive impact in those in need. Now go out and do it!